The Antlers

Last night, I attended a free concert hosted by The Antlers at the Oklahoma Memorial Union. I had listened to their music prior - not their newest album, though -, and the concert certainly did not disappoint. The lead singer, Peter Silberman, is quite the showman; his obvious passion in the music he writes entranced the entire audience. The University of Oklahoma is so large that I never see members of the so-called "alternative" (or some would say "hipster") crowd congregated in one place at one time. That was not the case last night. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the crowd, as those who were long-time fans sang along to their favorite songs and those who were new appreciators swayed to the music. The lighting show was beautifully coordinated to add to the entire experience, bathing the performers in vibrant color.

After the show, I managed to grab Silberman and take a picture with him (the first "fan" to do so). I then proceeded to, in my nervous small talk, mistakenly congratulate him on a "great first show of the tour," when it was, in fact, The Antlers' last stop before their spring tour in Australia in February. Oops! Regardless, he brushed it off and wished me well, leaving to greet his many other fans after a truly wonderful show.


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