Cafe Del Sol: Friday, Feb. 20, 2015

Today, I had my first radio show of the semester. I've come up with an entirely new name and approach: Cafe Del Sol, a weekly, enlightening show featuring performances from local artists and discussions with students and faculty on campus.

I was fortunate to have my friend Caleb Brown perform on the show this week. Here's his bit (an interview and performance):

Later, my friends Ezra and Eric came on to talk about space with me. Here's that if you want to have a listen:

And, as is tradition, I've made a playlist for this week's music. However, excitingly, this one is themed around space!!

In subsequent weeks, I will record the entire show to create a better experience for any of you who want to hear it from start to finish after the fact! 🙂

Thanks for supporting me, and I hope to improve as the semester continues!


PS. Here are all the links... Social media is great!


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