Creating my digital story began as an assignment, but ended up being much, much more. Delving into the past meant poring through thousands of family photos and recalling the music that we listened to through different stages of life, stirring up fond memories of the past. Before I came to university, I believed I would be extremely independent, ready to leave and begin new adventures without ever looking back. But just one semester into my new life, I miss home immensely. Not specifically the place, but rather the people and sense of comfort that remains there. Seeing others’ families come to visit – or vice versa – has only deepened my longing to see mine again. Looking through photos and remembering a time when I saw my sisters and parents every day and took their presence for granted has also reminded me of “the good old days.”

Practicing my video editing skills has also been a nostalgic experience. Even though my major revolves around this practice, I haven’t begun any major-specific classes so far, so creating my digital story was like stretching my legs after taking a six-month breather. I discovered new components of Final Cut Pro and became more proficient in skills I already had to begin with.

Overall, the process of creating this digital story has meant a lot to me. It has reminded me to cherish family and to keep up practice of important skills, and provided me with new opportunities to utilize the facilities of Gaylord College, my major’s home and my personal favorite building on campus.


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