Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

I have a Type A personality: everything must be rigorously planned out, sometimes years in advance. This is the approach I took with regards to my plans to study abroad and how to work a semester or year abroad into my four-year plan. My options are endless at OU, and I would like to travel everywhere; these two facts made it very difficult for me to make a decision as to where to travel.

In the end, I have decided to stick to my lifelong plan to return to my birthplace of London, England. The city itself is vibrant and diverse, and its up-and-coming artistic endeavors correlate well with my planned major of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. Although transferring major-specific courses back to OU might be difficult or impossible, the opportunity to study in the heart of such a modern and dynamic city – with companies such as the BBC just around the corner – is too incredible of an opportunity to turn down. Middlesex University, my top choice to study at for a year, has an amazing course listing for all sorts of fields of study. A modern university, Middlesex offers classes in everything from Advanced Media Production to Television Studio Production; its facilities are also highly advanced, with radio stations and recording studios available for student use.

My year in London does not by any means encompass all of my plans to study abroad. I also hope to spend all three summers abroad, preferably participating in the Arezzo, Italy video production program, the SPICE Gaylord-specific journalism program in Germany, and some other summer program, perhaps in Spain or Australia. The wonderful thing about planning to study mainly in Western Europe – as cliché a choice as it may seem – is that I have the opportunity to travel to all other parts of mainland Europe much more easily. From a home base in London, for example, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Rome are just a few train rides away. The fantastic systems of public transport stretching across the continent facilitate easy and relatively cheap travel, resulting in an even richer experience abroad for me.

Although planning these excursions will be time-consuming and difficult, the experience will have been worth it. My plan all along can certainly become a reality with some effort, as well as assistance from the faculty members who are here to help make our dreams of becoming globally engaged into a reality.


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