Digital Story

I have been very excited about my digital story all semester, and this weekend, I started to really work on the project. I have not yet decided which video editing software to use. Initially, I was set on using Final Cut Pro, as I used this platform for a final project in my senior AP English class and it suited my needs very well, but I ran into some technical difficulties. After updating my operating system to Mac OS X Yosemite, I received a very unfortunate error message from Final Cut Pro stating that the program was no longer compatible with my computer. To combat this, I would need to purchase Final Cut Pro X, which is a bit out of my price range at the moment. This ordeal was very discouraging to my project process, but I have decided to move forward by using iMovie instead, unless I can figure out a way to use Final Cut Pro, perhaps on one of my friend’s computers on in a lab on campus. Either way, the important part is the story itself, not having film industry-grade editing. This is a personal tale of life, not a Hollywood blockbuster! Besides this, I have no worries about the progression of my story. I will be recording my voiceover with my own microphone and audio software this week, and continuing editing on the video itself this week and over Thanksgiving break.

My family has responded well to my requests to send old and new family photos and videos, which has helped me immensely in my endeavor. Along the way, memories have been stirred up, turning this project into more of an emotional experience than I first anticipated. It only reinforces my longing to see family again, as I haven’t seen my sisters in about 5 months and my parents in 3. Perhaps this video will give me something to share with them when the holidays finally arrive, and we can celebrate the memories together.


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