An International Experience at Home

When I learned that I had been chosen as a Global Engagement Fellow, I immediately became twice as excited about my move to Norman. I had already planned on becoming part of international life at OU, but this opportunity put my foot in the door in terms of involvement. From the involvement fair on the South Oval to the various Q&A sessions during class, I have learned about various clubs and organizations I would love to be a part of on campus. So many, in fact, that I have no idea how I am going to balance them all! The most intriguing so far are Baccano (Italian club), OU Cousins, Sooners without Borders, and Spanish Club, among multiple others.

My goal by dedicating myself to clubs such as these is not only to become connected to other internationally interested students from the United States, but also to make connections with students studying abroad here in Norman. I want to learn more about different cultures in order to be helpful to those who are struggling to become acquainted with Americans’ customs. It is just as helpful to understand others’ way of life as it is for foreigners to get used to life abroad. If paired with a Spanish cousin, we could both improve our speaking skills in our respective second languages and share stories of life in our respective home countries. In this way, I can show a genuine interest in others’ experiences and make them feel more at home here. We are all finding our way in this new environment and style of living, and we could all use a friend. My ultimate goal is just that: to make true friends and maintain connections that span continents and oceans.


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