Study Abroad Plans

Everything's up in the air at the moment, which freaks me out. The only thing I know for certain is that I will be abroad next year for the full academic year, somewhere in Europe.

I hope beyond hope that I will return to my birthplace of London next year for a full year abroad. Even though I left when I was 4 and don't have any living memory of the place, the books I've read, pictures I've seen, and documentaries/movies/TV series I've watched have made me a totally obsessed Anglophile. My hope is to continue studying broadcasting and TV production in a place central to the industry, with the BBC (my dream career) right around the corner (i.e. 30 minutes by Tube). However, I have no idea if I'll get in, and have to wait until March to find out if I do, meaning that my second option is...

Arezzo! Italy would be a perfectly wonderful place to go as Plan B, since I'm studying Italian here at OU. There would be no worries involved in this option, since the program is at an OU campus in the town. Tuition, fees, and housing would be absurdly easy to take care of, and credits would transfer back with no issues. Although classes would be taught in English, I could easily immerse myself in the town and country, practicing and developing my speaking skills by making new friends locally. Another option - if I'm ready - would be to enroll in some Italian-taught classes at the local branch of the University of Siena.

Either way, I am excited beyond belief at my plans for next year, whichever route I take. Until then, I'll wait until March to find out where fate decides to take me!



  1. Actually, you're coming to Europe with me and Andrew and then to Mexico and Rio. Okay? Okay!

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