No Place Like Home: A Digital Story

Here is the final project for my class, Becoming Globally Engaged. The process of creating this video became more involved and nostalgic than I expected, as I pored through thousands of family photos and songs. I am very proud of the final product:



  1. I loved your video, Elena! I had no idea of your background, but I think it is so interesting and I am definitely jealous. Having such a diverse and adventurous childhood must have had a big impact on your life. I can only imagine how different your perspectives on everything must be coming from such a well-traveled, cultured family.

    I also liked the way you put your video together. The music was great and the format allowed for a lot of pictures without being overwhelming.

    • I was very, very lucky to be born into a family that valued finding any way to travel and expose us to such amazing experiences 🙂 It definitely changed my perspective early on. Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!

  2. You have no idea how much your video hit home for me, Elena! My dad is from New Zealand and our family has always made the most of our breaks from school by taking crazy road trips around the US or by visiting my dad's parents and backpacking around New Zealand. One time our family camped in tents on my uncle's undeveloped piece of land in the middle of winter in New Zealand. Good times. Through traveling, I have so many experiences that I won't forget! 🙂 I hope that our experiences as global engagement fellows also will be full of such memorable experiences.

    • That's amazing! New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list (the Shire - duh); maybe you can tell me what the best sights are! I certainly hope so too.

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