International Organizations

The OU campus has a rich international student life. Although I have yet to join many of the clubs I'm very interested in becoming involved with (frankly, due to lack of time), I have joined two so far.

The first was Baccano, the Italian club on campus and an obvious choice since I'm taking Italian classes here. I was very excited to experience Italian culture and perhaps even practice my novice speaking skills, but I have been sorely disappointed with this organization. Only two meetings were held this semester, unfortunately at times I could not possibly fit into my schedule. Understandably, the organizers have lives of their own to maintain, but I was quite sad that they could only manage two meetings in 4 months, while French club meets fortnightly.

More recently, I met the president of the International Advisory Council, Eaton Baptiste. He and I began speaking about what the council does, which is bring together all of the more regional international student organizations (African Students Association, Indian Students Association, etc) to host large events throughout the year, such as the United World Thanksgiving dinner I attended last Monday. Excited about my possible involvement, I signed up for the volunteer list and will be participating in the interviews to become a part of the board next semester.

For the rest of my time at OU, I plan to become heavily involved in many international student organizations. This semester was a bit of a fluke in terms of involvement, but I maintain hope that this will certainly not be the case in the future!




  1. Don't worry about this semester being a fluke in regards to involvement. I have also found that a lot of international organizations aren't all they promote themselves to be, especially those that host very few, if any, meetings and events. Once you get a feel for and sort through all of the lackluster groups, you'll find the perfect organization! I am hoping to do the same 🙂

    • Certainly. It's especially disappointing since I am not able to become involved enough in the first place to eventually lead and reform the club. Because I'd definitely be up for that! Oh well, you live and learn 🙂

  2. I've had the same problem with joining an international group. I wanted to be in Baccano also, but like you was not able to go to either meeting! I wish you luck with the International Advisory Council. That sounds very interesting! As Clancy said, maybe we will find our "perfect organizations" next semester!

    • Perhaps someday we'll have our chance to attend Baccano... You should check out IAC! It's the perfect place or all of us Fellows to really make a difference on campus.

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