About Me

IMG_2787My name is Elena Montes. I am half American and half Spanish, born in London, England but raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. I enjoy singing (see my sister's and my YouTube music channel), listening to music, learning languages, researching, biking, reading, traveling, blogging, watching films, video editing, and a plethora of other random activities. My major is Broadcasting and Electronic Media, which focuses on video and audio production; the "behind-the-scenes" stuff. I hope to concentrate in Electronic Film Making and someday work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), making TV shows or films.

I applied to the Global Engagement program in order to diversify. I have always had a passion not just for travel but for truly learning to understand foreign culture and the common thread that unites all humans. This program sounded like the perfect way to pursue my interest in global affairs, since it not only promoted study abroad but also involvement in the extensive international life on campus in Norman. The program has already connected me to both international and like-minded American students, making lifelong friends and learning a lot about myself in the process. I can see that further development of the program, as well as subsequent years' addition of new students (as we are the inaugural class) will only be more exciting and mind-opening for everyone involved in the program, especially myself.


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