Long time, no see. Plus, exam destress tips!

I've been bad.

Over the past weeks, I've let myself drown in a sea of Netflix and terrible meals. My current favorite form of procrastination is finding new ways to pack my luggage to go back home. The last two days have been spent in the library, "working" away at making Quizlet flashcard sets while practically off my head on caffeine and sugar.

And through it all, I've let my blog stay idle, even though it's the best place to let out my thoughts.

Well, here they are.

I think I'm ready to go home. The rapidly shortening span of time between me and some much needed hugs from my parents has me drooling over the date May 7th like one of Pavlov's dogs. But it's a lie. Because I'm also terrified.

In less than three weeks, I gotta fly out of here. And a few days after that, I have to somehow return to the state of mind of my 17-year-old self who freaking loved calculus in order to pass my summer math class. I have to handle this whole "reverse culture shock" thing with less than a 10-day turnaround. I see it sort of like pushing some button and falling through a wormhole back into my old life.

Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to get me some America. I'm ready for barbecue, old buddies, and Bernie Sanders rallies. But with exams quickly approaching, is my stress-filled, smudged-glasses, coffee-induced haze preventing me from enjoying my last days on the Emerald Isle? I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here are some tips I've got to listen to myself.

  1. Study with a buddy. Now, take this advice carefully. Bring your friend to the quiet part of the library - the "red zone" as it's called here at UCC - and use them almost as a workout pacer partner. You can keep each other motivated just by each concentrating on your own subjects. And if you take classes together and can handle it, move to the talking zone to have a study session aloud together.
  2. Take advantage of every resource. Extended lab hours? Test out some code or make some charts to help you study. Review sessions being held during study week? Heck yes, take any opportunity to hear the information said aloud again. Extra office hours by your professor? Don't feel too shy to ask any last-minute questions about concepts that confuse you.
  3. Drink water. I'll credit bestie Morgan with this one. During exams, simple things like food and water tend to go ignored for longer than they should. Staying hydrated does wonders for everything: your focus, your comfort, even your skin! Got a headache just from reading for an hour? Check your water intake.
  4. Breathe. Exams aren't everything. Sure, passing is important, but so are you. Pace your studying and don't overload. 12 hour sessions in the library aren't helping anybody if your mental health is suffering. Have a call home, take a little nap - top up your strength (emotionally, physically, and mentally) so you're not running on empty.​


I believe in us.

Best of luck to fellow students as exam season is upon us.

You'll be just fine.




  1. Still here if you need me😘 Love you Ele. And I know you can finish strong.

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