Life as I Know It

Oh man. Life is so stressful at the moment that I've decided to write a blog post about my stress, rather than actually get work done. Oops.

I may have some sort of disorder that causes me to stress myself out by convincing myself that I have more on my plate than I actually do. Perfectionist responsibility dysmorphia or something. Then I shut down and decide that watching House of Cards is a much better use of my time. I'm learning about politics, right?

Don't get me wrong. All of my stress arises from some pretty amazing things that are happening and from me finally doing stuff with my life.

1) I got a job. I am now officially the Music Co-Director for our student radio station, which is about to be renamed and rebranded! It is a very exciting project to take on and involves everything from picking what music we play to creating an entirely new persona for the station as we begin to broadcast on FM (!!!). Unfortunately, I can't get as invested as I'd like in this job and project, because...

2) I am going to Ireland for a year next year! For absolutely ever I have wanted to live abroad, and here's my chance. I will be taking some computer science and Irish culture classes, as well as just experiencing an entirely new culture.

Unfortunately, going abroad involves lots of loop-jumping. I have to meet with several advisers to attempt course pre-equation to ensure that I don't waste an entire year of my life. And even then, there's the frightening possibility that they may only have a tentative agreement and thus, change their mind as soon as I come back. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen. However, as my good friend Alana put it, at least I would be wasting a year in Ireland.

I've calculated that even with an entire year "off" taking fun classes, I could feasibly graduate in three and a half years, certainly in four. Check back later to see if I managed early graduation 😉

So, this stress thing. I only have four weeks until finals and classes seem to be going fairly well. However, this also means I have four weeks to complete all of my assignments. And, as is a trend among professors, mine seem to assign the most time-consuming projects just when we're all dreaming of sunshine and beaches. All I can think is that in a mere five months, I'll be flying to Europe! This makes me forget my resentment and instead truly appreciate all the opportunities I've been able to take advantage of.

Back to the books, friends. See you in a while!


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