invASIAN Showcase

April 26 had quite the night in store for myself and my friend Janella. We didn't know much about the invASIAN showcase before attending, but were excited to find out more. Boy, did this event deliver!

Janella and I walked in to already-screaming crowds of people, all cheering for their buddies and evidently well-known members of this community. The atmosphere in Meacham Auditorium was infectious and bursting with energy. The event is held annually in order to give Asian-American students on campus the chance to show off their talents, and it certainly did that. In addition, the event came just days before the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which runs through May.

Both Janella and I agreed that of all the acts we saw, our favorite was a dance routine held as a combo performance between members of two of the Asian-American sororities and fraternities on campus, Phi Delta Alpha & Tau Kappa Omega. The girls started off the show with an awesome routine, which was followed by the guys' response routine. We expected a dance battle; what we actually got was a third part of the performance where the two groups came together and danced once again.

I learned at this event that the Asian-American community on campus is much more active than I had even realized, and the amount of talent present in its members was really amazing to witness.  I will certainly attend in future years to get another taste of the excitement and enthusiasm the event is full of.


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