Michael Sulick Luncheon

This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the luncheon with former CIA chief of counterintelligence. Although I had never previously considered a career in this field, I nonetheless learned a great deal from the event. Sulick had an impressive career to say the least, not only having been 28 years in the Central Intelligence Agency but also having served in Vietnam during the 1960s. He had one piece of advice that I found very helpful for life. Don’t bring your work home – it tends to blur the lines between your professional and personal lives, which could cause conflict. Sulick also broke many stereotypes I had previously about the CIA and espionage in general. Contrary to popular belief, employees can inform their families of their actual position, albeit not of the specifics of restricted cases. Also, not all of the duties of employees are exciting instances of spying, guns, and danger. Most of the responsibilities are, in fact, writing and filing reports about their interactions with agents in the field. Overall, Sulick’s stories of dealing with the Russian security that followed him everywhere and of being the first American to make contact with the Lithuanians during the Cold War were extremely interesting to hear. Although I still won’t be pursuing a career in counterintelligence, I do feel better informed about the reality of that very important field of work.


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