Falling Into Place

This time last semester, I was a mess.

Heck, this time last week I was a mess. Plans I thought I had finalized were changing in my mind every day, and I was frightened for my future. I'm the girl who spent more hours than I should have creating a color-coded plan and schedule of all my required classes for the next three years. And here I was, unable to make my mind up about what plans to make for this summer!

It has all changed now. Within the next two weeks, my plans for next year will be decided, and within the next three months, so will my plans for this summer. Here they are as of today:

I am lucky to be able to participate in my university's first ever Journey program to Latin America. I will be one of the first group to travel to OU's new centers in Puebla, Mexico and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For a month, I will study literature, film and activism in these two amazing countries and be soaked in new, rich cultures.

Fingers crossed, I will fly to Germany from Brazil to attend a summer astronomy camp for the month of August. This is the most nerve-wracking development at the moment, since I won't know if I'm accepted until May. Terrifying. Astronomy and astrophysics are subjects that have garnered a previously unknown passion in my heart over the last two years, so I am thrilled about the possibility that I may be able to explore these subjects further this summer.

On Friday, applications will close for study abroad for the next academic year. If everything turns out well, I will attend the University of East Anglia, University College Cork, or the University of Sheffield for a full year, beginning in the fall. If I'm lucky enough to be accepted to more than one program, I honestly don't know how I will choose!

The fact that I even have the opportunity to apply for such experiences as these still amazes and humbles me. My hope is first that my plans will be solidified as soon as possible for my own sanity and that I will learn more about myself in the process. Until then, I will be just the same ole' jumbled-up nervous wreck.

Peace out,




  1. You will do well in whatever you decide to pursue. Think of the unknown elements as exciting possibilities, and since you study astrophysics, you know that the entire universe is one consisting of possibilities!
    I think that a summer astronomy camp anywhere sounds so cool! If that doesn't happen, there must be something else wonderful to look forward to. Have you read Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now? Not about any religion, about the idea that the moment is all we ever have, or need. I have read it twice, as well as several other things he has written. You may not have time to read it now, but maybe later.
    I will look forward to hearing what happens next and I know you will embrace it!

  2. Looks like everything is falling into place! I'm so excited to see you continue on in your future. So proud of you girl

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